Meet the Team

Rynew’s core team is small, but our commitment to customer satisfaction is the biggest you’ll find in the business. We’re all equally focused on changing the way property management is perceived; turning it from (at best) a nuisance and a chore into an indispensable and trusted service.

We’re just as committed to keeping those dreaded service charges down at the properties we look after – it’s been our aim ever since we were a one-man operation.   So here’s a chance to put some names to the faces (or, if you’ve spoken to us on the phone, a name and a face to the voice!).


Desmond Moreira

Creative Director

We’re the first to admit that not many property management companies have a Creative Director, and the first thing most people ask is “what does a Creative Director do?” The answer, in Desmond’s words, is simply “have fun!”

Desmond creates marketing materials for both print and the web, liaises with clients, and constantly looks for new, innovative ways to grow the business. Since joining the company, his work has massively increased Rynew’s brand awareness, and made a huge impact of the company’s web and social media presence. Look forward to more exciting ideas in 2017! You can follow Desmond on Twitter at @desmondmoreira

Daren Touhey

CEO & Founder

Daren is the driving force behind our mission to offer efficient, low-cost property management. He’s a truly hands-on leader who likes to get stuck in – as any contractor trying to get one over on us has soon found out! He is constantly searching for new ways to reduce both the costs of property management and the financial risks for our clients. Daren named Rynew after his son, Ryan, who was born shortly before the company was founded. With the new arrival and the new business venture coming so close together, the combination of “Ry” and “New” just seemed to make sense.


Laura Haslin

Marketing Manager

Marketing runs through the veins of our ‘Marketing Manager’ as she is tasked with increasing our brand awareness and delivering better customer experience. With over 10yrs marketing experience, Laura leads the company into the digital age as we developed a digital marketing strategy to understand our customer needs. Rynew is keen to make improvements through real time feedback and to better understand the needs and wishes of our customers. Laura is leading Rynew into new and emerging markets to seek new business as Rynew look to expand its service offerings.


Suzi Newton

Brand Manager

What Desmond’s fertile brain can conceive, Suzi’s keyboard and mouse can achieve! Known as Desmond’s “right hand woman”, she brings his ideas to life on paper and on the web with consummate ease. Suzi creates all of our marketing materials, and is responsible for creating and maintaining our strong brand identity, ensuring that we are always represented correctly and professionally.


Alice Parker

Property Manager

Alice is a seasoned pro in the property management industry and leads the team as our ‘Property Manager’. With her engaging style and elegant delivery, Alice has brought expertise and energy to the team. Tasked with leading the Rynew team into 2017 and beyond, Alice will be at the forefront of our block management/repairs and maintenance delivery for our portfolio. Alice is client facing to ensure a steady, speedy resolution to the requirements of our expanding operation.


David Murgitroyd

Assistant Property Manager

David has worked in the property industry for a number of years and brings an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise to the team, with a passion for this property sector David’s drive and determination compliments the Rynew team to deliver excellent customer service.


Marie Wakeling

Property Manager

Marie is always looking to broaden her horizons and learn something new – whether it’s visiting new countries when she’s not working, or adding to her extensive property management experience when she is.

That way, she can be even better placed to help residents, whether it’s checking the development is run correctly, or simply by making sure they know exactly what Rynew does and what we can do for them. Her mantra is “we must always remember that this is someone’s home.


Amy Rowe

Assistant Property Manager

Amy has been working in the industry for a few years and has joined the Rynew team to add her own mark on how we deliver service.

With a passion for the outdoors (go ape regular) and care for customers, Amy brings energy and experience to a fast paced environment. Her qualities compliment the teams and Amy adds real value to her colleagues.


Catherine Goodacre

Accounts Administrator

Cathy, as we know her, is a human inputting machine. From customer receipts to invoice payments – if it’s on the bank statement, she processes it. Simple as that. Cathy has helped introduce better, (dare we say it) streamlined processes to ensure accounts are managed effectively and the data is processed timely.

Chris Dunn

Service Charge Accountant

A keen triathlete who’s now been racing for 11 years, Chris knows better than any of us how to keep going when things get tough! And with 5 years’ experience at the iconic Peabody Trust, he brings a wealth of property finance knowledge to the Rynew team. As a landlord himself, he has seen property management from “the other side”, which gives him the perfect insight into the standards leaseholders hold us to.


Joshua Lee

Data Administrator

Josh joined Rynew Property at the end of 2014 as an apprentice from Redbridge College. Fresh from completing his level 3 diploma in business and administration, Josh is fast becoming the go-to guy at Rynew HQ. Whilst supporting customers by dealing with enquiries, he also provides vital administrative support and makes it his priority to assist members of staff to help create first class customer experiences.